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Minor plumbing issues, such as leaks and other problems, cost money. Some defects are a nuisance. Bad odors caused by bacteria living inside of the pipes makes the bathroom unpleasant. A slow flushing toilet is a pain. Even highly sanitized bathrooms need more than a regular cleaning schedule. Our customers call us when they want to rid themselves of these issues with bathroom plumbing in Tampa.

One thing our licensed Tampa plumbing specialist will inspect for is the presence of leaks. Minor leaks sometimes go undetected. We check for these around fittings and gaskets, catching them before they worsen. This is also a great time to perform faucet maintenance. We disassemble and lubricate the faucet, replacing the O-rings. The cost of maintaining the fixture is always less expensive than buying a new one.

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Another leak, that occasionally escapes notice, is the flapper valve inside the toilet. Over time the valve becomes warped. The misshapen form makes a faulty seal. Water seeps out; each time the water level reaches a certain point, the fill valve lets in water until the tank reaches its intended level. The cycle repeats again and again, uselessly spending water and money. Replacing the part is inexpensive and effective.

Biofilm is a slimy residue that forms on the inside of the drain pipe in a bathroom sink. It has a bad odor. It is a buildup of bacteria that develops from all of the organic material that people rinse down. There is a protective water seal in the trap; it keeps sewer gas from entering the home. Therefore biofilm is between the vertical pipe and the trap. Our expert places a container under the connection to catch water. He then loosens the fitting. The solution is to clean the inside of the pipe and eliminate the bacteria.

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A call for bathroom plumbing service in Tampa is only complete when the toilet flushes vigorously. We like to tune up slow flushing toilets by helping them to recover their swirl. Homeowners occasionally believe a toilet with a weak flush is clogged. The truth is that minerals in the water sometimes clog the directional ports found under the toilet rim. Our technician uses a wire brush to individually clean each port. He will also work the mineral deposits out of the siphon hole. This is a nickel-sized hole at the bottom of the bowl. A toilet with a healthy swirling flush takes down all waste on the first attempt. We also inspect the flush handle while we are there. These tend to loosen over time and work better when snuggly in place.

We handle both emergencies and maintenance calls. Our licensed professionals install new fixtures in existing and new construction. We do big and small jobs. Call us to help you save on all of your plumbing needs. We love to fix plumbing in Tampa.

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