What To Do When Your Septic System Is In Trouble

Blue Diamond ET80

No homeowner wants to wake up and find that there’s a major issue with part of their home. Certain things are unavoidable – broken glass from the wind, excess rainwater, faulty appliances – but what about the components that people don’t think of often? 

One of them is the home’s septic system. Though it’s almost completely hidden from view, unfortunately, sometimes they do have problems. If you think that your septic system is in trouble, the smartest thing that you can do is call a professional – but what are some of the most common septic tank problems? 

It may help to know, because if you have a general idea of what’s wrong with your septic tank, you’ll know what to tell the septic services professional over the phone or via email. 

Common Issues With Your Home’s Septic System 

Leaks: This happens when something goes wrong with either the septic tank itself, or the pipes that lead to and from it. Leaky septic tanks may cause soggy ground, unpleasant odors and even water coming back and into the home when it shouldn’t. While this is a huge problem, it’s usually easy to diagnose, even though you’re unable to see the cracks. 

Broken septic aerator: The aerator is responsible for introducing oxygen into the septic system. When a septic aerator stops working, the system still functions, though at a much slower pace. In an aerator septic system, the design is meant to treat water faster, meaning that there is often not as thorough a second step. Without a fully functional JET aerator, what’s released back into your drainfield is likely not as clean as it could be.

Non-functional septic pump: Your septic pump is responsible for keeping the water level in your septic system steady. If this breaks – either because you lose power or there’s a faulty part – the water level rises, which is a danger to the system. Examples of quality choices for septic pumps are the Blue Diamond ET80 and the other pumps in the same product line. 

Unpleasant odor: Sometimes, your septic tank simply smells – and that’s the only issue. While an odor may be the result of cracks or other problems, there is a solution that will eliminate smell quickly. Septic tank treatment is added directly into the tank, and this additive helps to encourage bacterial growth and decrease scents. While it’s recommended that you let the pros add items like this to your septic system, it is possible to do it yourself. 

Don’t Panic. Your Septic System Can Be Saved

Since the septic system is responsible for such an important  task for your household, it’s normal to feel anxious if you believe there’s a major issue. 

But that’s what the professionals are there for. Not only can a septic services pro actually perform repairs and replacements, but they’re more than willing recommend the right products for your needs, too. Whether you need to replace your aerator motor, septic pump or just need some product to treat the tank’s contents, they’ve got you covered!