When Do You Need Septic Tank Treatment?

natural septic treatment

Even if your septic tank is performing well, you may need to consider doing some “in between” maintenance on it. It doesn’t matter if the septic aerator motor or the septic pump are brand new. The integrity of the septic tank lids and septic system covers might not be in question … but that doesn’t mean that the contents are where they need to be.

One option to fix this is by using natural septic treatment. There are a whole list of options that septic services professions don’t want people to flush through their systems – and when people ignore this and do introduce these things, it becomes hazardous. 

What Not to Put Into Your Septic Tank

  • Harsh chemicals like bleach, insect or weed killers, and solvents, like alcohol or nail polish remover
  • Solids like paper towels, cloth, feminine products or plastic
  • Grease, fat and oil
  • Paint
  • “Gritty” items like cat litter or coffee grounds

Small amounts of things like grease, coffee grounds or paint aren’t going to cause huge issues, but the more of these things that enter the system, the more taxing it is on your septic tank. 

It may not seem like a big deal to occasionally introduce these into your septic tank, but it actually is. Think about it this way: a napkin or piece of plastic within the septic tank may get caught around the aerator motor, causing the motion to become impaired – or, over time, stop entirely. 

When this happens, you’ll need to repair or replace your aerator … and that involves a lot of extra work. 

What Septic Tank Treatment is Available?

For all of the things  that you shouldn’t introduce into your system, there are many septic tank treatment options for those looking to improve the overall health of the contained environments within the tank.

Septic tank health relies on the presence of healthy bacterial colonies. This bacteria works with the oxygen in order to break down solids within the system and “digest” them over time, which treats the water. This type of septic tank treatment is considered natural septic treatment, as it happens over time and requires no input or interference on your part.

But are there other types of treatments, too? 

The answer is yes. 

Septic tank treatment like Fresh Lemon Blue is an additive to your septic tank that promotes bacterial growth. It includes enzymes that work to break down individual types of solids, which helps improve function overall. 

To add this to your system, simply lift septic tank lids or septic system covers, and follow the instructions on the package. While septic service pros will be able to treat the system this way, the process is simple enough that the average homeowner can do it, too. 

Understanding Your Septic System

The overall goal of every homeowner is to keep their household running smoothly. This includes all components with – and beneath – your home, and your septic system is no exception. The more you know about it, the better off you will be when it comes to picking the products and services that suit your needs. 

Start researching the best options for your home’s septic system today!